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Une solution de communication de proximité efficace en Martinique.

Balades touristiques

Partez à la découverte de la ville capitale en tricycle électrique en Martinique.

About us

Launched in 2014, Cyclo’Comm follows the following triptych: tourist development, sustainable development and local communication. Using a fleet of electric pedicab tricycles, they developed a range of services for the citizens of Fort-de-France and for tourists wanted to discover what the city has to offer.

Here are the inherent objectives of the project :

Se déplacer

To offer the citizens of Fort-de-France a new solution in terms of transportation.


To offer business efficient and local communication options.

Se balader

To offer a new activity to tourists while allowing those tourists a chance to discover Fort-de- France through an organized and planned route.


To facilitate the transportation of individuals in the city center.


Découvrez Fort-De-France et son patrimoine historique en toute quiétude

The city of Fort-de-France is home to one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The capitol abounds with historic and cultural sites waiting to be discovered by visitors. Cyclo’comm is well-aware of this fact, and so offers discovery routes to cruise ship passengers stopping by downtown in partnership with the city’s Tourism Office. Through these planned routes, tourists have the chance to discover several historic and cultural sites throughout the city of Fort-de-France. Among these sites, there is:

Place de la Savane, The covered market (Le Marche Couvert), The Schœlcher Library, The Aimé CESAIRE Museum, The cathédral, The précolombien departemental Museum, The regional Museum, The Camille DARSIERE space, The old City Hall, Etc..

These tourist routes will be primarily directed at :

- Visiting tourists,
- Martiniquans wishing to learn about the city,
- School children.

La Capitale

The Schœlcher Library
Cathédrale Saint-Louis
Espace Camille Darsière
Hotel Imperatrice
Marche Couvert
Musée Départemental
Musée Regional
Pavillon Bougenot
Place de la Savane
Théatre Aimé Cesaire
Balades diverses


Get to know us !

CyclO’comm is a local company with a team of individuals specialized in promotional event management. We offer promotional communication including, but not limited to, brand visibility on the bicycles, street animation, distribution of promotional items, etc… all the necessary elements to wow the public and market a brand.

Cyclo’ Comm offers its expertise, its know-how and its quality service to build and modernize your marketing.

Simple and profitable

These bicycles just can’t go unseen! With their bright colors and ecological innovative concept, just think of the thousands of lasting impressions the bicycles will get as they cruise around Downtown promoting your brand. Cyclo’ Comm allows companies to brand the bicycles in their colors and logos: guaranteed visibility.

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Cyclo in action

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